Sunday, 12 February 2012

Linus Quilt

I made this one for the Linus Project I found out about through a friend A.  I am very pleased about this as it give me every excuse to buy gorgeous fabric in colours I might not normally to make quilts for children aged 0 -18.  It was hard going emotionally cos saying "Oh yes, I'll make one." and making one are two different things. Making a quilt for a sick child is different to making one for your own bouncing around at home.

It started with this. They all do.  A mish mash of fabric waiting for a rotary cutter lol

I hope whoever receives it likes it.


  1. Beautiful quilt, love all the colours you have used. :)

  2. This is gorgeous. Have you sent it now?

  3. Thanks :) No Karen. I decided it was c**p - it has no snuggle factor as I over embroidered it. I'm making a different one and the cats have this one now.